Speaking Engagements

James La Barrie is passionate about marketing and sharing in the philosophy of "It's not our job to please the customer ... it's our job to amaze them." This phrase sounds good, but it takes passionate people with a sense of pride in what they do to deliver the philosophy each day.

La Barrie challenges his audiences to dream of what the perfect customer service experience feels like and how it should be delivered. He paints a picture of how a business is transformed when both the customer and a company's employees receive excellent service.

Allow James to speak with your management team and employees on the power of amazing service. His vision is to inspire others to take personal pride in delivering stellar service - sincerely - to a complete stranger ... your customer.

When service is approached with authenticity, a spark is lit. Who in your company is ready to light the fire of amazing service? Let James La Barrie bring the match.

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