Beyond Marketing focuses on both a company's 'internal' marketing (service culture) and external marketing (showcasing your company in the marketplace).

Why do we do this? Many marketing companies focus on developing a brand image exclusively. Our approach takes it a step further. Our goal is to create a marketing plan that transforms your clients into a) repeat customers and b) advocates for your business. This approach begins with creating a culture of service whereby your customers are so amazed by the service received that they will not only want to reengage with your business repeatedly but to also rave about their experience in their professional and social circles.

Internal Marketing - We use the term 'internal' because we look "behind the curtain" of what we want our customers to see. The essence of a company will shine through to the customer based on what is happening internally. If the service culture is lacking, the customer will feel disappointed; if it's authentic and strong, the customer will be amazed and become an advocate. Our approach is to elevate the service culture of a company whereby we identify what stellar service looks like - not just to the customer but to coworkers. We develop realistic service goals based on excellence and create systems to make them attainable consistently. This is the foundation to great marketing. Once established, an external marketing plan can be created an implemented.

External Marketing - Once service is at the heart of every interaction with your customers, an external marketing plan can be crafted. An effective plan may involve something as simple and cost effective as a social media campaign or may entail a mass media approach, including ad placements, radio and TV spots, billboards and public transportation. The appropriate approach depends on to organizational goals and budget requirements.

The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing - The most impactful form of advertising today is word of mouth marketing. With the prevalence of smartphones, access to social media websites is instantaneous. The power of the spoken word is more palpable than ever. If your company delivers average or poor service ... people WILL learn about it. Quickly.

Today, the majority of businesses deliver mediocre service, leaving the door open to make a different choice. Offer your customers amazing service and you will stand head and shoulders above the competition, gain more repeat business and have your clientele marketing for you because you have earned their loyalty. Amaze the Customer!

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