Our Approach


Beyond Marketing focuses on both a company's 'internal' marketing (service culture) and external marketing (traditional marketing plan).

Why do we do this? Many marketing companies focus on developing the brand image exclusively. Our approach is to take it one step further. Once customers engage, our approach ensures that they not only become repeat customers but also advocates of your business. We create systems so that amazing service is delivered consistently to ensure customers don't have a good impression, but a great impression. Once these service standards are implemented only then do we focus on brand image. It makes no sense to introduce customers to your business via an extensive marketing plan only to leave them disenchanted by your service.

Amaze the Customer

A Classic Example of How Things Have Changed

Imagine you're a new restauranteur building a clientele and looking to establish yourself in the marketplace amongst over a hundred other restaurants. One way of making a splash in the community is by impressing a food critic with your offerings. Having a critic in your midst is nerve wracking stuff - they may love your product and approach and publicly was poetic or despise it and drive away potential customers. Suppose you were tipped off that a renowned critic was coming to eat at your restaurant ... how would you prepare? You would wish for everything to go perfectly. The food would need to be the best it'd been and of course you would meet with your staff and prepare them for the big night ahead. This is it!!! Make or break time - it's time to put on a show!

This example can be applied to today's business operator but to a much larger degree. Every customer with a smartphone is that critic and these new critics are evaluating your business every day. Your 'performance' must be consistently great to get those great reviews. Deliver bad service and your business could be mentioned on Facebook and in the Twittersphere for all the wrong reasons.

It's a new world of marketing whereby businesses cannot afford for service to be placed in a different category from marketing. It has become one in the same whereby every customer is a powerful critic ... it's time to Amaze the Customer!

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