It's not our job to please the customer...

it's our job to amaze them!

James La Barrie, Founder

Step 1 -Internal Marketing

Great marketing is more than just billboards, radio, TV and print. Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is a powerful strategy that is transformative. Authentic WOMM requires exceeding customer expectations through amazing service. Amazing service cannot be sustained without a positive company culture.

Step 2 - External Marketing

External marketing involves your company's presentation in the marketplace. Our goal is to make you look like a million dollars and we do so via world-class web design, branding and social media management.

About Us

We believe that the most powerful form of marketing is Word of Mouth (WOMM). WOMM is a strategy and spreads by: a). Delivering Amazing Customer Service b). Having a Positive Company Culture c). Having a strong and professional presentation.

Our Story

Our Services

Under the banner of Word of Mouth Marketing, we offer consulting, seminars and workshops on Customer Service, Company Culture and Presentation. Our presentation services include world-class web design, branding and social media management.

Our Services

Internal vs. External

Beyond Marketing is different. Most marketing firms focus exclusively on external branding or traditional means of advertising. We believe it's a small piece of the marketing puzzle. Great marketing includes authenticity and passion - found in service and culture.

Our Approach